VLF for Product Protection (VLF 2000)

Bigneat’s Laminar Flow Workstations have been specifically designed to be affordable yet to provide particle-free, bacteria-free, clean air conditions to the work area at a quality standard usually only possible in more expensive cabinets. Materials used are resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. Experience has shown that Bigneat Laminar Flow Cabinets give consistent performance which is only dependent on replacement of the pre- and HEPA filters at recommended intervals. VLF laminar flow workstation providing particle-free, sterile air conditions to the work surface. This workstation offers excellent clear view of the working area and is portable. Lighting from a fluorescent white light aids the internal brightness and comfort for the operator. Room air is drawn into the top of the cabinet, passes through the pre filter and enters the fan housing. The speed controllable fan pushes the airthrough the HEPA filter located above the working area. Ultra-clean air exits the HEPA filter to provide a sterile working environment which protects the samples and manipulations from external contamination. The cabinet structure is fabricated from 10mm thick clear UV stabilised cast acrylic which provides excellent all-round visibility for the operator whilst carrying out manipulations and aseptic procedures.

VLF Laminar Flow Hoods are built to a very high standard using only the best quality materials and fan components and are manufactured to comply with the guidelines of ISO 14644 – 1:2000 Class 5 (Fed. Standard 209E:1992 Class 100), to provide sterile working environment and air velocity at filter face of 0.45 m/s.

Included as standard:

  • A variable fan speed control (pre-set at factory, adjustable by installation/service engineer.
  • Hoods are supplied with on/off switch for the fan and a Magnehelic® differential pressure gauge for monitoring filter performance.
  • HEPA Filtration to remove particles greater than 0.3micron @ 99.995% efficiency.
  • Pre-filtration to remove particles greater than 5micron @ 92% efficiency.
  • HPL work surface with margin groove to catch and contain spills.
  • Service port in each side panel.

Product Protection Features:

  • Manufactured to blanket working area with sterile air providing sample, process and product protection.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Excellent view of working area.
  • Flexible access.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Meets all worldwide standards.
  • Fan housing design ensures that the positive pressure developed pushes air evenly across the full width of the filter.
  • Base tray (HPL) has margin groove to catch and contain spillages.
  • May be installed on existing bench or be supplied with a robust static stand.
  • VLF Cabinets are flat-packed for easy shipment around the world.

Options and Extras avaliable:

  • LED lighting upgrade.
  • Upgrade to ULPA filtration (Grade 16).
  • Electronic touch button control panel incorporating LED airflow indicator and audible and visual alarms.
  • Electrical Socket (double).
  • Tap (air, gas, vacuum). Installed through side panels or through work surface if cabinet is provided with an optional bench. Supplied with suitable flexible tubing (2m).
  • Ionising bars for controlling the static environment incl. Ionstorm Controller and fixing kit.
  • UV Sterilization Lamp with timer and removable front ‘night’ door.
  • Upgrade of HPL to stainless steel worktop (304L) with front spillage lip.
  • Static Bench upgrade – box section construction, epoxy coated, with foot rest bar. Static with levelling/height adjustable feet.



VLF for Product Protection (VLF 2000)

Construction and Materials:

The fan housing is fabricated from mild steel with an epoxy coated, acid resistant white coating. Side panels are manufactured from transparent clear cast acrylic which is non-flammable and easy to clean (10mm thick). The integrated work surface is manufactured from laboratory grade HPL laminate.

Hoods Size & Part Number:

Model Description Dimensions
(External WxDxH)
(Internal WxDxH)
VLF0880/01 VLF 1000 | VLF for product protection, cabinet supplied with on/off switch, Magnehelic differential pressure gauge with HPL base tray, complete with pre-filters and HEPA filter (40” wide). Nominal 40” x 28” x 41”
(Design 1000 x 725 x 104 0mm)
Nominal 38” x 27” x 27” (Design 966 x 700 x 700 mm)



VLF for Product Protection (VLF 2000)

Pre-filtration eliminates particles 5.0 microns or greater to an efficiency of 92% as defined in BS EN ISO 779.

HEPA filtration (H14 Standard) eliminates particles 0.3 microns or greater to an efficiency of 99.995% providing ultra-clean particle-free Class 5 BS EN ISO 14644-1:2000 air conditions.

Laminar Flow Cabinets are manufactured to comply with the guidelines of ANSI.IEST/ISO 14644 – 1:1999 Class 5, also described as Class 100 or FED STD-209- D:1988, to provide sterile working environment and air velocity at filter face of 0.45 m/s.

HLFO Operator Protection Workstation includes Carbon Filtration which has a filtration efficiency of 99.9%, meets BS 7989:2001 Standard.