Chemcap Pro2 Fume Hood (2008)

Fume Hood (ductless, recirculatory filtration) provides increased operator safety over the Chemcap Clearview hood design, achieved by double carbon filtration and powerful extraction system. With its safe-change pre-filter system and optional HEPA filters, Chemcap Pro2 is engineered for use with the most toxic fumes, vapours and particulates. When the lower filter reaches saturation point, any fumes breaking through are retained by the incorporated upper back-up filter system giving increased operator and environmental protection. Each filter stack incorporates an inter-filter sampling port to monitor the primary filter status.

This hood provides excellent all-round vision and operating comfort and is fully portable. Hood has a trapezium* front access as standard with double hinged flap for easy access to hood interior. A services port with a cover is supplied in each side panel. The PVC base tray offers excellent chemical resistance and contains spillages. Hood can be placed onto an existing work surface or it may be supplied with mobile bench or static stand. Select either a mobile bench with integrated cupboard or an open box section bench (castors/fixed height). Alternatively a static stand with levelling/adjustable feet may be selected (an adjustable height electronic model is available).


  • Keypad control panel with touch button controls and service due indicator.
  • Mobile bench units with large lockable castors provide great flexibility.
  • Installation using the PVC base containment tray for existing work surfaces is easy.
  • The mounted integrated lamp is in the fan housing, not within airflow, so no risk to cabinet integrity or operator during services.
  • Audible electronic low air flow alarm.
  • Lighting 18W Fluorescent Lamp.
  • Pre-filter can be bagged under negative pressure.
  • Lockable front access windows.
  • Quiet operation, <50dBA.
  • The ‘Clearview’ enclosure design, trapezium front access and integral lighting, provides excellent all-round vision and operator comfort.

Optional Extras:

  • Services Kit – gas tap, swan neck water tap, oval drip cup all with drain hose and double electrical socket.
  • Electronic Carbon Filter Saturation Alarm.
  • Top Hat Exhaust Spigot 160mm for connection to house ducting.
  • 2x Heat/Flame Protection Shield for Filters, stainless steel.
  • LED lighting upgrade.
  • Upgrade bade tray to stainless steel.
  • Swan neck water tap and hose and Oval drip cup with drain hose.
  • Moblie and static bench styles.

Bench Options:

The Mobile Bench is pressed mild steel construction, epoxy coated, cupboard doors with magnetic catches, static leveling/height adjustable feet or with lockable castors. The Static Bench has a box section construction, epoxy coated, with foot rest bar, with static leveling/height adjustable feet or with lockable castors while the simple Bench has an open robust construction, epoxy coated, with motorized height adjustment, 4-leg frame, integrated 18 VDC motorized adjustable legs, with static leveling/height adjustable feet or with lockable castors.

Chemcap conform to the requirements of all major Standards for containment and filtration:

  • US Standard ASHRAE 110: 1995 12-03 (for containment)
  • British Standard BS 7989:2001 (for filter efficiency and retention capacity)
  • French Standard AFNOR NFX 15-211 – Class 1 (for filter retention capacity)
  • Canadian Standard CSA Z316.5 (for containment)



Chemcap Pro2 Fume Hood (2008)

Construction and Materials:
The mild steel fan housing is epoxy coated, acid resistant paint, colour – white.
Transparent panels, including hinged doors, are manufactured from clear cast acrylic which is non-flammable and easy to clean (8mm thick).
The base tray is manufactured from black PVC.

Hoods Size & Model Number:

Model Description Dimensions
(External WxDxH)
(Internal WxDxH)
PR2008 Chemcap Pro2 Ductless Fume Hood complete with 2x pre-filter, 4x Chemcap Enviro carbon filters for your specified purpose (see filtration tab for more information on filter options) and lighting. Nominal 81″ x 29″ x 50″
(Design 2048 x 580 x 1248 mm)
Nominal 78″ x 202 x 32″
(Design 1968 x 506 x 807 mm)


Hoods will be supplied for power supply: 110V, AC, 60Hz, 8Amp, 1Ø unless 230V, AC, 50Hz, 5Amp, 1Ø is specifically requested.


Chemcap Pro2 Fume Hood (2008)

Hood is supplied with a full set of filters- PR 1506 (2x pre-filters, 4x Chemcap Enviro carbon filters for your specified purpose (size F3) and HEPA particulate filter. (double filter column, twin fan system)

Choose your optimised Chemcap filtration with or without particulate filtration according to the uses for your hood.

Free Risk Assessment Service:
What are your risks? Please contact us for a free assessment and our chemist will undertake a risk analysis and suggest the best filter for your purposes. Please click on the download button to the right.